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System - Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome to the new ARMI HOA blog page! If you’re reading this then you’ve found your way to our new and improved HOA website. We hope the many changes you find will make it easier and faster to find what you need. Aside from now being its own site separate from ARMI’s rental property management services, we have added easy to find portals and shortcuts to take you where you need to go. As we continue to add features, we’ll be requesting your feedback for improvements. Tell us what works and what doesn’t as this site is meant to benefit you as the Board member or owner in your community. 

Don’t miss our HOA FAQ page which we hope provides answers to many of your questions about living a community with a condo or homeowners association. Who does what and why, and where does all that money go? What’s an ARB, an ARC or a covenants committee? What’s a Disclosure Packet and when would I need one? Check back for updates as we answer those burning questions and many more.

Thank you to our homeowners and Board members who have provided input and testimonials to our new site. We look forward to working with you to continually improve communication and homeowner resources as we move forward. 

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